One more sleep.

Hmm. It’s actually here.
(Ooh. Fresh…)

It’s been a massive few weeks.

First up, I turned 30 a week ago. Pretty excellent stuff. But I’ve been focused more on the fact that I’m leaving the country. And flying for a million hours. Flying. That thing I’m so scared of doing.

I’m pretty sure I’m on my airline’s ‘this one’s going to be a pest’ list. Plagued by irrational fears as I usually am, I’ve called the call centre about 48 times confirming everything, switching my seats around, asking about connections… Quietly confident I’m gaining quite the reputation for myself as a complete moron.

I’m also 100% sure that I’m one of the people they record for training purposes. (“If she calls again about seat selection, make sure you put her in a middle seat.”)

Anyhoo. Expect more posts. It’s likely some will be shorter, some will be pointless, and some will be to keep me looking busy so I can bravely sit alone in public somewhere. Up with that you’ll have to put. Kind of like my plane mates tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “One more sleep.

  1. It’s finally here Caz! Embrace take-off šŸ™‚ you’ll be fine. I’ll be waving from Dubai when you land in Abu Dhabi.

    And a stop you have to make in Berlin is to The Bird in Prenzlauerberg. Best burger place ever. You could easily and non-weirdly go there on your own and sit at the bar.


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